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I’ve created this site to share with you a “natural” approach to your dog’s health through things I’ve learned over the years about Natural K9 Health Care.

While you may not agree with some of my views concerning things within this site, please read with an opened mind, allow yourself to consider the possibilities, and read, search and discover the answers to topics that could effect the health of your precious fur babies for the rest of their lives!

Please feel free to contact me any time for food coaching (there is never a charge) or locating a Holistic Veterinarian in your state!

My quest for a “natural way” started about 17 years ago when our first German Shepherd, Shamrock, was near death at 2 years old.  Western medicine could not help her anymore, and the veterinarian’s told me she’d be lucky to see 3 years old. I was NOT willing to accept that! She was normally an 87 pound female, but when she got sick, she was down to 55 pounds, with blood in her stools, listless, patches of hair loss and an insatiable need for food, which she eliminated almost immediately after finishing eating!  She was literally starving to death as her body could not assimilate the vast amount of food she was consuming daily. Sometimes, while she was sleeping, great amounts of bile would ooze from her rectum and she would be laying in a pool of it when she awoke.  Shammy was diagnosed with severe Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency, or EPI, which occurred partially by heredity, and hugely due to over-inoculation (weakening her immune system), and bad (expensive) kibble.

Being cured myself many years previous to this with Homeopathy and diet, I thought “why not my dog?”  The first thing I did was to begin a homeopathic and supplement regime to help her digest her food.  Then, I started to investigate dog food and inoculations and was TOTALLY shocked and in disbelief at what I was reading! You will read about this on the other pages included here beginning with “The Dog Food Dilemma”, moving on to “Dog Food Brand Reviews”, and “The Hazard’s Of The Over-Use Of Inoculations”.  Although we had some rocky days with dosages and food adjustments, I’m happy and proud to say that through our journey together, Shamrock lived until almost, her 12th birthday and attained over 13 titles in 4 styles of agility, tracking and obedience!  I owe my quest and the health of our other dogs to her.

My goal for this site is to encourage you to begin to read labels and become familiar with the terms that the pet food companies are using and also learn about what the Vets’ don’t tell you!  I hope that by finding healthier ways to raise your dog, helping them to live a long, hopefully disease free life, whether on kibble or raw meals, will become your goal too!

All my best to you and your “fur kids”!

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  1. Teresa R


    It was so nice to meet you yesterday at whole foods. Thank you so much for all the information you provided me about raw feeding. I am definitely going to be making the switch from the current food to the food you have recommended. It was a pleasure meeting you! I will be contacting you with progress on the switch!

    Thanks again!


    • It was a pleasure Teresa!
      Please let me know if you need any help with the transition!

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