Are You Really Getting What You Pay For?





What parts of the chicken are in the pet food we are feeding our dogs?

The whole statement is too long, but here is part of an official quote from the AAFCO rule book about what goes into pet food: “derived from the parts or whole carcasses of poultry or a combination thereof”

This statement means if your pet food states the first ingredient is “CHICKEN” it could be ONLY THE CHICKEN BONES & SKIN left over from the slaughter house after the good parts go to the human industry OR animals that are completely REJECTED from the USDA facility!

Besides chicken, this is also true with different meats and fish.

Here is a conversation I found on the net between a consumer and a pet food company:

Question to dog food company: is the grade of meat you use Prime, Choice, OR Grade A?

Answer from company: “All our meats come from USDA inspected facilities.”  Remember that “rejected for human food” animals come from’ USDA facilities – they are rejected ‘from’ USDA facilities.

Question to dog food company:  But what grade of meat is in your kibble?

Answer: “Our meats are sourced from the same USDA meat processing facilities as meats that you would purchase in the grocery store.  USDA approved facilities”. (Again, rejected animals ‘come from’ USDA approved facilities – as well as skin and bones ‘come from’ USDA facilities).

Question:  But you still didn’t answer my question; what is the Grade of meat?

Answer from dog food company: “I’m sorry, I don’t have an answer for you.”

For meat you want the response “Grade A” for chicken, and with Beef and Lamb you want to hear “Prime” or “Choice”.  What if they can’t or won’t tell you?????  THAT says plenty!


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