Non-Grain Real Meat Treats

Karen’s K9 Kitchen


Ya know how you purchase a 6 ounce bag of treats that contain 176 pieces (yes, I did count them!) and it costs you around $6?  Well I’ve got a treat you can easily make yourself, you can get up to 500 pieces (yup, I counted those too!) and it will only cost you $0.25 per ounce!

These are great for training treats too because they are soft!

Next time you go to the grocery store, pick up a round steak, or top round, or pork chops or lamb or calves liver

  1. Trim off all fat on the edges and in-between and if it has a round bone in it, remove that too.
  2. Take a pair of scissors (outstanding tool for cutting meat) and cut the steak into manageable squares or rectangles.
  3. Choose a fry pan (non stick works the easiest) that will hold the amount of steak you bought, and give the pan a small drop of oil or a quick spray of Pam.
  4. Heat the pan until really hot and drop in the meat pieces in to sizzle. Keep your heat fairly high but don’t leave the pan unattended.
  5. Sprinkle on a little garlic powder or garlic salt if desired.
  6. Let it sizzle for about a minute or two then flip over. Braise the other side (pour off the juice if there is too much) and remove from pan when the middle is pink.  Place on to paper towel, blot and let cool.
  7. Take your scissors and cut all of the meat in strips about ¼” wide.  Now take those strips and cut small pieces about the size of a dime or smaller or whatever size you prefer.
  8. Place small amounts into seal-able snack baggies, then place those baggies into a seal-able freezer baggie and place in freezer.  When you need them, take out a baggie, place it in the frig or on the counter and let them thaw.  Of course the dogs love them frozen too, if you forget!
  9. NOTE:  If you cut the cubes a little larger (they shrink when de-hydrating them) they can be placed on a cookie sheet (sprayed lightly with PAM) and dried out in a 175* oven for about an hour or so.

You can also use calf’s liver.  After it is unfrozen, soak up the excess blood with paper towel, and proceed starting with #3 as above (you won’t have to cut this first).   Only braise the liver long enough on both sides (don’t thoroughly cook it) as it only needs to be cooked  to a “medium”  range, otherwise it will get crumbly.  Drain the liquid during cooking if needed.

The process takes a little time but saves a lot of $$ and the dogs go crazy for them!


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