Pictures Of My Babys!


Many thanks to Carole Schultz ( for publishing my picture of Teeghan and Doogan on the cover of “The Complete German Shepherd Dog”.


35 Miler Per Hour! Doogan LOVES it!


                Tubing Anyone?





6 thoughts on “Pictures Of My Babys!

  1. Robert

    Hi Karen,

    I just found your site and I love it. Your GSD’s are beautiful. Do you mind telling me which breeder they came from?



    • Hi Robert & Thank You!
      We LOVE our babies!
      Teeghan (Female) is from a German/Czech breeding in North Carolina, but they are no longer breeding dogs.

      Doogan (Male – the black sable) is a full Czech working dog. His breeding is Brta Tomuv Sen v Navar Hronovsky Pramen. His Dam was bred in Czechoslovakia and then imported here to Sapphire Mountain German Shepherds in Montana to whelp the litter. Brta (Doogan’s Dam) was sold to The Royal Canadian Mounted Police German Shepherd Breeding Program 2 years ago. Ramona Morgan (owner) prefers Czech Border Patrol bloodlines and has a high percentage of these lines within their breeding program.

      Doogan is the kind of dog that “Loves Life Large” and is ready (at ALL times) to experience ANYTHING that comes his way and will try whatever challenge that you put in front of him with unbelievable enthusiasm! LOL Definitely a high drive working dog! Tracking, Boating, Agility, Dock Diving, Tubing, Obedience, Swimming, Frisbee, and Jet Skiing. He is pictured at the end of the “Progeny” page on the Sapphire Mountain site.

      We flew cross country to get Doogie and then rented a van to drive him home 1500 miles! We chose Ramona because she raised her dogs with a “Natural Rearing” philosophy (which you can read about here ). Doogan was weaned from his Dam’s milk right on to fresh raw meat, which we continued. We requested that he not be inoculated so that we could control a very limited vaccination program.

      Ramona was welcoming, gracious, and knowledgeable. We were allowed to meet and interact with all of the dogs in her kennel, which was a HUGE treat for us!

      The following is another great site with valuable information describing everything from GSD “types” (show lines or working lines or combinations) to “temperaments” and several great recommendations of other kennels (some of which I have personally helped place puppies from) that can be trusted for quality dogs and conscientious breeders.

      Let me know if you ever need any help choosing a breeder if you decide to add a German Shepherd to your family!

      Karen :-)

  2. Gina

    Love, love, LOVE these pictures! When I see happy dogs I smile, then get sad because there are so many that deserve love like the kind yours so obviously have received. You are the kind of guardian God intended us to be.

    I referred a friend to your site a couple of weeks ago about the treats she was feeding her dog after mine abruptly had a collapse of unknown origin. I have been feeding raw the past 9 months, am making a change and have read SO much, I’m confused and would so appreciate your opinion on my new course of action concerning her diet. I think I have it pretty close, just would like the icing on the cake from you, if you would be so kind.

    You’re amazing Karen…so glad I found your site!

    • Thank you so much Gina!
      I would be honored to help you with your baby’s diet!
      Just send me the details of your meat mix and supplements.

  3. The reviews of the dog food brands was the most comprehensive reviews I have ever read. I was feeding what I believed to be a very good food, Earthborn mixed with Honest Kitchen. I will now be switching over to Honest Kitchen exclusively. Now if I can just get my clients switched over.

    • Thank you SO much Lisa!
      Yes, if your not making you own, you are absolutely correct about The Honest Kitchen Products! They are the cleanest foods out there! BTW If someone will only feed kibble Orijen and Mulligan Stew (the MS needs to be supplemented) are the good ones!
      I have been reviewing different dog foods for people for many years and decided to put it in writing so even I could refer back to it and started on it this summer! :) Got a few kinks to get out, but at least it’s there!
      Thank you again for your kind words!

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